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Question about my broken bong.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HorseChokah, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. So my brother gave me one of his old bongs last week, and the female part of the stem is broken. Just the very top part (where it flanges out to recieve the bowl) is broken off, the rest of it is fine. However, because of the way it broke the bong no longer makes a complete seal where the slide-off bowl meets the stem. Is this a legitamte problem?

    Note: pic attached of broken female stem

  2. yes it is, just buy a new female piece from any headshop, just make sure you know what size it is.
  3. if you cant wait try rapping tape around the bowl. i remember my friend lost the rubber stopper for his slide and we just taped around the slide to make it seal. ghetto but efficient.
  4. Anyone know (in general) how much a new female part of the stem will cost me?
  5. maybe 10 bucks, 20
  6. just broke a shitty slide on sunday, so i went back down and got another one

    just make sure that its the right thickness(fitting into the bong wise) and also teh size of the bowl and the size of the hole for the bowl (wasted a lil bit of weed one time becauseit was too big and got sucked through before it finished carbonizing)
  7. So went to my local headshop, the only female stems they had in 14mm were $35. So I took a trip to the hardware store, and for about $4 I bought a length of food grade plastic hosing, and a small plastic hose bushing. Now my bong has an airtight seal, and I am baked as shit.

    However I am still going to stop by another headshop on my way out of town this weekend and see what glass stems they have.

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