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Question about my bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingTut, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. I recently purchased the Handmodel Bong
    Its a sweet little thing aint it.

    Anyway there is a rubber stopper where the bowl meets the bong.
    My question is how do i take the bowl off to complete my hit, should i just yank it out, I thought of that but I dont want to break it. it seems delicate, should I use butter
    Please help
  2. It looks like there's a carb hole right below the bowl that you need to cover/release.
  3. No you didn't get my question, I asked how should i take off the bowl, there's rubber shit wround where the stem meets the bong and it keeps me from clearing a hit. Its stuck on real good and I don't know if i should just yank it out or what.
  4. That's the point of the carb hole. The bowl stays in place and instead you hold and release the carb.

    I'm sorry to say it, but your bong doesn't have a slide.
  5. Your type of bong requires you to hit it, while covering the carb hole with your finger, once you want to clear the bowl uncover the carb hole.

    There are other types of bongs that don't have a carb hole and when you want to clear it you lift up the bowl and take it out (which is what you're getting this confused with).

    Nice little bong you got man enjoy smoking from it.
  6. yeah but iv'e always cleared a bong by taking the bowl out. The carb hole isn't big enough to fully clear it so theres always smoke left over. Plus I want to be able to take the bowl out whenever I feel like but i can't. Any suggestions
  7. Sorry man, but there's not going to be a terribly easy solution to you morphing your bong into one with a sliding bowl...

    You get what you pay for, lesson learned, buyer beware, etc., etc....

    Don't think worry about it man, seriously.
  8. haha, theres no slide i nthat piece dude. w/e, a piece that small would be retarded with a slide anyway...
  9. To the OP, YOu should always research and now about what your buying before you buy it. Stick to buying things in headshops so you can check stuff out in person

  10. Its stuck on real good for a reason, just use the carb.
  11. I know I did research I'm not an idiot, but the other people that bought figured out how to take it off, i mean I bought it at grasscity. Its a great bong just has that one thing wrong. And instead of everyone telling me im stupd for not researching why don't you just answer my question instead of just agreeing with each other.
  12. It doesn't slide off, the carb is there to clear it. You bought a shitty bong, IT DOES NOT FUCKING SLIDE! Why is this so hard to comprehend?

  13. No, you didn't get his answer.

    The bowl does not come off except carefully and slowly for cleaning. On the pipe, you cover the hole on the opposide side of the bowl from the smokers face, and then let go of it to complete your hit.
  14. Because it fucking ppl have done it before you can look it up yourself go to the shop, if you're not going to be helpful then there's no reason for you to say anything at all
  15. obviously you didnt reasearch, because if you did you would know not to buy something with a carb if you planned on using a slide. youre bong doesnt work with a slide and the whole idea about the carb not being big enough to clear all the smoke is bull, the carb isnt much smalled than the actually bowl insert. that means you dont have the lungs to fully rip it, which is sad with the size.

    heres how you are going to get the bowl out, take a torch, preferable propane, hold it on the bowl till it is red hot, by that time the rubber will have melted off, and then just pull it out. that will ruin your bong but you dont seem to understand bongs at all so maybe you will learn your lesson this way.

    carb bongs and slide bongs are made two different ways and without glassblowing experience you will never convert it into a slide bong without making it a wasted time.
  16. With my grommet bong i can carefully remove it from the rubber piece so assumin u can do this:

    you should clean it well and bring the whole thing to a head shop and search for a slide that fits ( u might get lucky) use that slide and find a bowl to fit it, ta da.
  17. ok Dick maybe you don't get it. the carb is like a 1/8 the size of the bowl hell even smaller ok. The picture is not of my bong just the grasscity picture ok. That hole is deceiving, its really small, hell the bowl is stil bigger than the carb but its much larger than the carb. Ive been smoking for years and have had many experiences with bongs, It is partially lung power but you can have the strongest lungs in the world but if you try to suck in through that small hole it won't matter.

    Burning the rubber off, are you an idiot. I was trying to find a real solution not one where i would waste a bong like that. You know if you want to be an asshole and give out bad advice than you can fuckyourself for all i care.
  18. ^^^check my post:D
  19. the only thing is that i don't know if ican safely remove it, whenever i try to move hard i can hear glass scraping each other,
  20. -rep for asshat-yness on your part.

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