Question about my AC Infinity

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  1. Hello all
    My tent size is:

    180 high
    120 wide
    60 deep

    I got AC infinity 6's
    With 8 speed controller.
    I understand that every 7 minutes the all air in the tent needs to be changed.
    How i know what speed i must use for the all air will change in 7 minutes.
    Can i get tips for inline fan?

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  2. This will be interesting to me.
    Are there NO volume substitutions for the speeds?
    i.e. #1=200 cfm, #2= 250....?
    You can figure out the volume of your tent, easily enough.
  3. See what works best. Shouldn't hurt anything. I really think those fans are very impressive. They also offer for $30 more a 4 year warranty. Apparently very quiet too and has great reviews all around.
  4. and how i i that?

    The fan is amazing super quiet and really strong speed.
    Im Out of the state so warranty for mr bo work.
    About see what work best, how i will know that it work best? Haha
  5. H x W x H.
    6’x4’x4’ would be 6x4x4=96 cubic feet!
  6. So im on 48 cubic feet
    6*4*2 = 46
    But how does it help me?
  7. Going to need an anemometer to calculate the volume coming out of your exhaust. Just did it with my tent and 4” AC Infinity.
  8. That way to much for me. For now i just watch my tent is always take out more air then he get in. I think for now it's work
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  9. Just turn it up to 3/4 power and see if your tent sucks in. If it’s really tight, turn down the fan or open the intake.
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  10. Thats absolutely what i did.
    Level 3 in the inline fan, level 1 in the fan inside the tent a bit sucked in, great success!
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