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    Hey guys, I am starting my first grow very soon. I have germinated all of my seeds and am about to plant them. My question is this: Whats the best way to setup CFL lights in order for the plant to thrive? I bought 10 100watt equivalent (27watt) CFL lights, and I'm not sure the best setup. I'm going to be growing a small setup of only 7 plants for my first grow. I'm placing the plants in my already renovated closet. They will have complete darkness and I will place the lights on a timer. Would it be best to make my own fixture? I can get the screw caps for the lights and drill them into a long 2x4 which would be suspended by chains from the ceiling. Then plug all the lights into a timer.

    I quess I'm asking this. What is the best way to utilize all the light from the CFL's?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I searched and couldn't find a problem similar to mine.
  2. Just make sure you get some reflectivity going in your growing area by painting the interior of your closet flat white or using mylar or something. I believe that will be your best bet, other than that you can use your 2x4 idea.

    Another thing I seen similar to that was using a powerstrip with the plug/light converters (2 prong plug on one end and a female light socket on the other) and then light socket Y's to allow more lights on one power strip (as well as utilizing the CFL's somewhat horizontally where they will give off more light).
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    Cool. Well the room is painted a matte white so I think I'm ok there.

    Here's my design plan now.

    1 10' 2x4 with 10 holes drilled right into the side of it (Taking advantage of turning the lights horizontally to get more light.). Counter weight the back of the board so it hangs balanced. Take 10 regular light sockets and bolt them into the board. Run all the cables into a power strip and then run that into the timer.

    Here's my question: Would it help to drill 2 5' mirrors onto the top of the board (lengthwise) to increase reflectivity? Or would that cause a problem in the future?
  4. I have a nice reflector you can build for less than $25 in my signature, maybe it will inspire you to dream something up ...
  5. Stay away from mirrors. They will actually absorb light, not reflect it. If you are going with 7 plants, you might be a little short on light. The general rule of thumb is 100w for the first plant and 50w for each additional plant. Even using the 100w equiv, you are only at 270 watts. It wouldn't hurt to stuff 5-6 more in there if you can. At least around the edges if nothing else.
  6. Cool. I am going to modify your reflector to suit my needs. Thanks!

    I can expand my setup to two lights per plant if that would help (14 total). That's around 60 watts per plant. Do you think that is adaquite? I worry about going with any more lights due to heat. I know those bulbs don't get that hot, however I've noticed that together they do get the room pretty warm. I have ventilation pumping the heat out but I don't want that 2x4 to catch fire. lol. Thanks guys!
  7. Look at the grow in my sig, powerstrips help a lot.

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