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  1. I just bought a mother plant from my local co-op, and it is rooted in a 6" inch cube. She is approx. 18". I am using GH nutes. My questions are: 1) Am i going able to keep her in just the 6", and 2) what would be a good feeding schedule for here. I am only trying to get 8 clones off of here at a time. How many clones do you thing she is ready to give up? Here is a photo of her: (707 headband)
    There is also some slight tip burning. What should I do to correct it. I have a 4 X 54W t5 HO over her, approx. 6" away.
  2. Are you going to keep just that one Mom in that tray?

    What kind of hydro system are you maintaining her with?

    She will be able to produce many clones, by the look of her now technically you should easily get 20 off her, but she looks young. I would wait till she is 2 solid months old before doing any serious clone pruning. You could easily get 8 off her at the moment with out a problem.

    Burn? Try flushing with distilled water for 24 hours. You can just run to waste straight from a water jug 2-3 times that day. Probably just a Potassium (k) toxicity due to flux in pH so start by double checking water your using. If your using straight from tap near the coast and using pH down you could just begetting some higher salt levels, invest in osmosis filter.

    Or it could be as simple as not letting your tap water sit for 24 hours letting the chlorine we put in out water (none toxic to human at low levels) evaporate, thus burning young clones and seedlings resulting in that exact look.
  3. If you have an E&F table or drip system you can keep it in there for quite a long time. Personally rockwool is not my medium of choice for keeping a mum. I recommend soil for mums and hydro for mums that need to produce a lot of clones.

    I'd definitely give her a cut now, even if you don't need the clones. Proper Mum keeping consists of continual cutting whether you need clones or not. If you need fewer clones then you are getting you only need to adjust the feeding and light you're giving them to either speed up or slow down the process.

    Try to keep at least 2 new growth shoots on each branch that you cut so that you'll have twice as many available cuttings next time.. Search for and read up on "Bonsai Mums" by OldTimer1 as it will teach you the benefits of keeping it small and keeping an open central area.

    Have fun :)

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