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  1. I'm a first time grower with a great setup and 8 plants growing. One was a free Green Poison Auto now in her third week of flowering. I've done a lot of research and fed her molasses twice now, once at week one of flowering and again yesterday. I've read that it adds flavor to the smoke but also that the carbs make the buds bigger. My question is how often do I give a feeding of molasses and should I stop with the other nutes 2 weeks before harvest? Please help!
  2. Print this out and stick to your pot..."don't ever use that shit"  unless you have used it on other stuff you have grown, you have wasted 3 weeks flowering your babe only to poison her with hearsay.   WAIT 'AN SEE!
    as a side issue, please explain to the membership how exactly that the molasses adds flavor and increase the size of the buds....?
  3. There is a little nutritional value to it but most people only use it in there aact's. as for making you're buds bigger and taste better that would be stoner myth. Using it with a chemical nute schedule I would believe it would be better used to bake a cake.
  4. Sorry for my Hard words, but in every year of growing, I have met some guy who claims this and that with Molasses, which is just 'bunk' yes and I have seen it being used successfully only in advanced organic grows, and very few of those(2), see it as a Ph thing first, throw that out as a newbie, and only then do real troubles begin
    research more then research more   "V" 
  5. Don't worry. You didn't poison you're plant or waste the time flowering. The prophet of doom was correct that molasses will not directly increase bud size or flavor. What it will do is feed the organism that change the organic material to the nutes the plants need. It is more beneficial in organic grows than those with chemical nutes. A touch with each watering should be fine.
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    Actualy there is some nutritional value to molasses. Unsulphered molasses in an organic grow will not only feed the benefical microbes in the soil but also when broken down by the microbes gives the plant sugars which in flowering does help make buds more sticky and crystaly. Feed grade molasses contains sulpher which is one nutrient that is more beneficial to the plant in flowering then in veg and also when broken down feeds the plant both sulphur and sugars. In a chemical based nutrient grow its not going to be as benefical as one might think. As for making buds bigger and taste better I agree it doesn't. When used in a benefical tea it is already broken down so it is absorbed by the microbes in the soil and the plant faster.

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