question about MH/HPS

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by uneek, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. MH are best than HPS for vegetative
  2. So you think that light would work?
  3. What ballast are you using?
  4. Hps ballast
  5. honestly, I'd only get MH bulbs for anything more than 30 days of vegetative.

    I've been sticking to just HPS, and I haven't noticed such a huge difference.

    But I do know MH is great for vegetative and HPS is great for flowering, but HPS seems great overall.

    I was thinking about looking into the new plasma lights they have.
  6. hey dragon, how do you veg baby plants under an HPS? i have a 400w with no CFL's available and im concerned they will stretch or get burned.
  7. it'd be good if you can lower the wattage for babies, you can burn them, but just heighten the light a little more if you can't.

    just keep the light cycle at least 18 / 6 ( light / dark ).
  8. yes mh emits more blue spectrum which is better for the veg stage,some people use hps for both but i personally find that i get better results with the mh for veg then hps for flowering peace gggr8
  9. i know MH is better for veg i was asking how he gets the plants from baby baby sproutlings to under a big ass 400w light. i dont have any small CFL lights and frankly dont want to buy any
  10. CFLs but i really hate them

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