Question about MG Seeds?

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  1. Been looking around Erowid and The Box for stuff about mg seeds and found what i believe would be a good dose for me but my question is where do you buy em and do they need to be washed? Would Wal-Mart or K-Mart sell them by chance? Thanks for any replies!
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  3. I would not recommend buying the seeds from any major retailer, because chances are they are coated with pesticides or a slightly nauseating substance to make people not eat them.

    Look online into some of those shaman or all natural stores. like bouncing bear botanical
    or call a private nursery and see if they have "non treated" seeds. I believe a decent dose is about 300 seeds. There's extraction techniques to get just the LSA out of it, so you don't have to chew up 300 seeds. Or you can grind them up and empty some tea bags, replace the tea with your MG seed ground and make it like you would tea(ive heard this method works)

    Also, look into Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. They contain mcuh more LSA than MG seeds, so you do not need to eat nearly as much.
  4. how big are the seeds?

    is it posibble to eat 300 MG seeds?

    or is extraction a must, if so, do you know of any good extraction tecniques, if not then i guess ill check the google

    EDIT: would it be cool to buy hawaiin baby woodrose seeds from the walmart?

    or are they pesticided like the MG seeds?
  5. just as a gneral rule of thumb i wouldnt buy any seeds from wal-mart or any store like it (k-mrt target home depot lowes) that you plan on eating.

    id say look for an all natural nursery
  6. I'm intrested by this, can you make the tea with the hawian baby woodrose seeds aswell?

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