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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Tokeneveryday, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ok I've never grown before and I'm not going to be growing anything that's like top notch dank. So all I'm wondering is, if all I have is a couple metal halide lights, could I use them for the vegetative AND the flowering cycle. Anything will be helpful cause I'm clueless. Thanks
  2. no problem dude keep asking the questions..

    you could of course use metal halides but a HPS would do better for both veg and flower. i use metal halide for veg then switch to HPs for flower, but if you can only choose one you should go with the HPS.
  3. Ok sounds good. If I use metal halide for vegetative, how long should I keep it on? same for the hps lights.
  4. When I say hps lights too, I mean for the flowering cycle. Sorry
  5. For the Veg cycle you have to keep the lights on for at least 16 hours but the longer the better so aim for anywhere from 18 hours on with 6 hours off to 24 hours,

    I run 24 hours on for veg with a mh and then 3-5 weeks later i change it to a HPS and switch it to 12/12 hours on/off

    IT really is all about preference though and there is wiggle room with everything but if your asking these questions you have a way too go.
  6. MH for flowering is not advised. HPS though can be used from start to finish. Its much better then MH for a entire grow.
  7. Yep, best is MH for veg and HPS for flower, but if you need to use only one bulb throughout the whole grow make it HPS.
  8. Can you use both halides and hps but switching them daily
  9. There would be no point. Plants need more blue spectrum light during veg stage, and MH has that spectrum so that's what is best to use during veg. Plants need more red spectrum during flower stage and HPS has that spectrum so that's what is best to use during flower.
  10. is it possible tho to use a mh for flowering?

  11. yes but the yields are low and buds are airy and fluffy but still of decent potency just the yields are lowwww per watt
  12. if you wanted you could just run them both at the same time or buy a specialty bulb that has both mh and HPS in it, (SolarMax 1 Dual Arc 1000W MH/HPS Bulb)

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