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  1. So, as most of you know, medical marijuana is up on the ballot this year in Massachusetts. I was reading something on the MassCann website that said that possession of marijuana for anyone without a medical card would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Which has me a bit worried. Will passing the medical bill affect it's decriminalization? Regardless of that fact, I'm still going to vote for it. I just want to know how it will affect me and my smoking. :smoke:
  2. Shit I hope it doesn't affect it. Regardless, I'm voting for it and will hopefully get a medical card haha
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    As each state passes laws that allow MMJ use a little more pressure is put on the Feds to do the same. We may never see in our lifetimes, MJ legal at the Fed level. We may all see MMJ legal in every state and at the federal level if we continue to support the effort and vote for it every-time its on the ballot..
  4. Like I said, I'm still voting for it to pass. I just want to know if it'll affect decriminalization because I like not getting arrested for possession and I don't know if I'd be able to get a card unless anxiety qualifies me for one.

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