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Question about making hash..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Super Man, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I want to make iso hash with with some stems I get from my buds, does it matter how many stems I use to make it? Like how much would I get from 10g of stems, or 5g or 1g?
  2. Not worth your time stems have very little thc

    If you have a grinder
    Pour 99% ISP into Tupperware
    soak grinder in it
    sake the grinder around a little in the iso every once in a while till grinder looks clean and water is green.

    Rinse your grinder and smile :) use it

    Take the ISo.
    Boil water
    put Pyrex into the boiling water
    Turn off flame
    Let evaporate
    Scrape after fully evaporated
    Smile some more
  3. When you make hash you'll get a rough 10% result. I've never done hash. But I've heard people say they get like 2-3 grams of hash out of an O.
    Maybe I'm totally wrong. But it makes sense. I get about 10% of kief out of my buds. (say i have 3g i get .3g's of kief). (as you know, hash is basically compressed kief).
  4. Their are many ways to make hash kief is just one way, he is right tho you will get about 10 percent of what's put in 20 if your lucky potent tho, less is more with any concentrate the more put in an the less yield is mostly stronger
  5. Dont listen to the first guy its totally worth it. Expect like 10-15% return if your using a solvent like isopropyl. You might even get a better yield thats just an average guess.

    If you have a grinder with a screen then put it in the freezer with as much stems as you can fit inside the chamber. after it gets ice cold throw a nickel in there and shake it. youll get some keif off those stems you can smoke.

    and before you make the hash be sure to put the stems and the isopropyl in the freezer for 30 minutes and to get it nice and cold. that makes the trichs more brittle so they fall off easier.

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