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Question about making Cannagars

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PissedOffOSUAlumnus, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. I am an avid user but there are three things that I haven't had, they are Cannagars, Rosin, and RSO.

    I intend on buying a Cannagar Mold on Monday and I have several questions:

    1) In my city, one of the Tobacco Shops actually carry Cannagar Molds. The guy on the phone told me they have Nugsmasher Mold, Purple Rose Supply Mold, and the Caligar Mold. Which of these three is the best mold? I have seen Nugsmasher videos and I have seen Ryan make Cannagars in the videos. But for some reason, when he pulls the Cannagar out of the Nugsmasher Mold, it seems thinner than the Purple Rose Supply Cannagars.

    2) I intend on buying 4Oz of regular, cheap bud. That bud is actually great when used, I also intend on buying 3Oz of Prepacked Shake. I will use the 4Oz to make the Cannagars. Can you also use shake to make Cannagars or will that look messed up?

    3) What is the worst Concentrate/Extract to put on a Cannagar? Either outside or inside the mold. By this, I mean, which would mess up the consistency of the burning since the Cannagar is compressed?

    4) After making the Cannagars, I intend on curing the cannagars in my mason jar in the dark basement until July 4th. It will be cured for 2 months. Do I need to pull the sticks out before I let it cure for 2 months or there will be no issue in letting the sticks be in there for two months and then pulling it out? I am actually going to coat each skewer with either Live Resin or Sugar Wax.
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  2. For all the hassle a $2.00 pipe is an easy option?
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  3. I'm an avid woodworker and made my molds. I worked off the molds my brother uses for his cigar making and reduced the overall size to what I wanted. Where our processes differed is in the outer wrap. I tried many different ways of using cannabis leaves to wrap my molded bud. How are you going to accomplish this? I'd love to follow your process and learn if you're willing to share your journey with us.
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  4. Which of these four questions would you be the best in knowing?
  5. None, good luck.

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