Question about Live Resin and other forms of wax?

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Question about Live Resin and other forms of wax?

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  1. Live Resin will have the equal slow burn as other waxes

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  2. Live Resin will have a much slower burn than other waxes

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  3. Other waxes that you mentioned will burn much slower than Live Resin or even Cured Resin.

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  1. I understand that when making Cannagars, it is packed tightly and that the sticky concentrate will give it a much slower burn as well.

    People talk about putting Shatter, Rosin, Sugar Wax, etc. to help give it a much slower burn than it already is.

    But when it comes to Live Resin, will the slow burn be the same as other forms of wax or does Live Resin not have a slow of a burn as those other waxes that I mentioned?
  2. Completely unrelated but what has always puzzled me about stories of pets eating your stash is that when making edibles we are schooled to decarb to activate the THC, etc. With most recounts being the dog ate my bag of weed and was stoned for the rest of the day I don't understand how that works.
  3. First thought is I have the press to make live resin , but never make wax or shatter or Diamonds.
    I don't own a rotary vaporizer so if i mix in other extracts then its store bought.
    this my first batch.
    20220906_141512 (1).jpg 20220906_141458.jpg
  4. You're still working on those Cannagars? I forget when you'll be able to smoke one, but I remember you were going to make them and let them cure a few months. I would think that most concentrates would burn at about the same rate when incorporated into a Cannagar. Did you ever get your 14 gram mold? I know you weren't happy with the small molds. Sure wish I could enjoy one of those Cannagars with you. The closest I've come is a Dabber Doobie and Packwood. Are you putting the smokes together, yet, mate?
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  5. Dog ate many grams of weed. Even if 2% was naturally Decarbed from age or heat the dog will be stoned.
    Remember the 10mg single edible dose represents 1/16th of a gram. Hardly a good fingernail clipping worth. Less then a rice grain.
  6. When we travel I'll hit any of the dispensaries we pass and buy a gram of 90% high end whatever they have. Put a toothpick tip on my bowl of Hash and fire away. They all have the same general melt properties.

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