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Question about lights

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannibus69, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. I went to the shop to check out lights and i saw a light that was 60 watts and it said white light , but it didnt say it was fluroesent , but it also didnt say it wasnt? icant seem to find any.Help me out! (o y ah i live overseas)
  2. yea me too
  3. its most likely not gonna be any good:(. 60watts wont do shit, unless your grow space is like 6" x 6". go to the shop and look for an HPS light. either a 70watt, 100watt, or 150watt. hell, a 250watt would be great, but then it gets more expensive. when i say expensive i mean over $100.:D
  4. HIGH All, probably a regular bulb...what you need is a "cool white" fluorescent which any counter person can help you with.
  5. well, that is the problem , there isnt ne home depots or those kinds of things here. :( i am in a foreign country for military. all i have is a px!
  6. ebay ebay ebay!

    i got a 150 W HPS, bulb included for $65... and i just ordered a 1000 W MH, bulb included from for $150, which is pretty good... damn i can't wait for that puppy to get here

    - skedastik

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