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  1. I switched the vegative light on to 12/12 - 11 days ago but they have yet to flower and can't see sign of male/female. Must I buy a flowering light or do I wait?

    Bet there isn't an answer before I finish this spliff!! :cool:
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    Heh, sorry I'm late, hope you enjoyed your spliff!

    If you didn't have preflowers yet when you switched lights, it can take 2 weeks for flowers to show sometimes. The plant needs some time to mature before it'll show you the sex. It can be hard to tell at first, but when they pop up, you'll know.
    If ya don't know where to look it'll be at the nodes, right next to those spikes, called petioles, that are present during veg. The flowers will be damn near unnoticable to begin with if you don't look hard enough.

    Different strains show sex at different times, no matter how long it's been in flowering. Just be patient :) (S)he'll come around!

    Make sure you have NO light leaks during the dark period, meaning that absolutely NO light gets into your cab. That can retard growth a little bit, sometimes even delaying harvest by a few weeks.

    As far as your light goes, if you've only got a Veg/blue spectrum light, it is okay to use for flower but you won't get as good results as you would with a red spectrum bulb. Sex won't necessarily show up quicker with a red bulb, but you will have better results.

    You got CFLs or HIDs?
  3. What kind of light you using? Any light leaks during dark? How long were they vegetating before you turned to 12/12?
  4. - 1 250w CFL
    - No leaks during dark
    - 32days veg

    Strain is Skunk #1 - even using a magenfying glass I can't see any formation of balls or flower near the petsal. The last grow which was on the windowsill seemed to bloom earlier if I remember.


    I just checked and my plants are all droopy. The leaves have folded down the side. Not sure if they are just adapting to the lighting conditions or if they're poorly?
  5. Water them...NOW!
  6. Ask your plants first ;)

    and when's the last time you watered? Your plant will set up a schedule after a while, like every 2 or 3 days she'll need water by the time she flowers. It's a good thing to keep in mind.

    If your soil is dry at the bottom or at least 2"down from the surface, it's okay to water.

    Is Skunk#1 a sativa? I'm not as savvy as I should be on the strains :eek: If it is, you may be sitting on your ass for a while waiting for her to mature. Some dank bud in the end, though, I'm sure.
  7. Cheers for the replies.

    It turned out they were still sleeping! After 30 mins of light they started to reach up! Phew!

    I water each time the soil is dry.
  8. You made it sould like they were completely wilted... I pictured NO turgor pressure...limp leaves lying against the main stem...


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