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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Im a novice grower,Im learning as i go.I have a really descent grow room on the go and need info on lighting.I have 2 48 in flourescent light fixtures holding 2 bulbs each.I was wandering what kind of bulbs would be the best from start to finish?I was leaning towards "gro lux".Im just not sure if I want wide spectrums or what?Anyone with some info that could help me out.Id really appreciate it.
    thanx muchly
  2. seedling and vegatative = GE chroma 5000
    flowering/budding = GE chroma 3000

    P.S. how bigs your grow room?
  3. Ok,so would I need 4 GE chroma 5000 and 4 GE chroma 3000,or would 2 of each do me good and if they do can I plug them in all at the same time?Im only planning on have maybe 4 or 5 plants in there at a time.The space in the closet I have going is about 3 feet long and 5 feet wide.
  4. You won't get much of a harvest using just flouros but you'll need full spectrum and/or wide spectrum tubes...for flowering get an HPS.
  5. Um ok,
    Then whats up with the GE chroma 5000 and 3000 do i need thoes and full spectrum or what the heck??????
  6. 4 flouros arent goin to be that good in that big of a space:(. Either get a 400 - 1000watt HPS or get 2 150Watt security HPS lights from homedepot or lowes. that will work much better and give you a bigger harvest:).
  7. So if i get 4 400-1000 watt hps or 4 150 watt security hps it will be fine from seedling to budding?

    thanx a lot for your help.i appreciate it
  8. no not 4 of them. either just one of the 400 watt HPS lights or two of the 150watt HPS security lights. 4 of even just the little 150watters would be way to hot. 4 1000 watter lights in that small place would be a huge fire hazard.:)

    you need sidious to help ya out. he is probably the most knowedgable person;)

    this is a 150watt security light available at home depot for $60.

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  9. Great I was thinking that kinda wattage was i just need the 400 watt hps or the security that all the lighting i need in my grow room?
  10. keep the fluros and get "cool white" tubes 4 them they look a bit blue and the warm look a bit orange) they r good 4 raising seedlings and clones plus u can use them aswell as a HPS during the veg/flower stage of ur grow.

    if u can get a 400w hps then that wud b best, if not 2 or more of the smaller hps lights and ur fluros will do a good job. the hps light is a bit orange so the cool blue fluros will balance the light just nice.
  11. thats a good idea, use a combo of fluros and HPS. good idea barnaby:).
  12. ..and if using only flouros get a combination of warm whites and cool whites, more cool whites for vegging and more warm whites for flowering...usually 2:1.

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