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Question about lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deathfrmabovce, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Does it make much of a difference between what kind of lighters i use?

    I tried to take a pic here, but these are my choices. A normal bic lighter and a "wind resistant" (much like a turbo lighter) torch.

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  2. I've used the torch lighter once before. I was skeptical, but my friend insisted it cherried it up right away, I used it and he was right. I don't know if it was because this was one of my first times smoking (this was awhile ago) or because the lighter burned it so fast.

    But as long as you don't light it for too long it should be fine, but be careful cause you could just burn it all on the first hit if you don't watch yourself.

    I would probably stick to the regular bic.. But thats just cause thats what I'm used to.

    Go ahed and give the torch lighter a try if you want just be careful.
  3. whats the wind resistant one?
  4. Those wind-resistant lighters are handy for smoking outside (I smoke on the roof of my apartment building with them, where it's often windy). HOWEVER, they burn really hot and strong. Keep it far away from your bowl when lighting up, because if you just let the flame touch like a normal flame lighter, you're gonna have a big orange glow in your hand that's gonna be HOT on your throat. So just use a light tough and hold the bowl beyond the edge of the flame.

    They also run out of butane relatively quickly since they use much more, so if you've invested in one grab a refill can of butane at your local Walgreens too. Hope this helps.
  5. But definitely keep the wind-resistane one around. They make some bic-sized one around too. You have no idea how frustrating to go outside to smoke only to find you can't light your bowl due to wind.
  6. Do agree, but you gotta pay respect to bic lighters man, they are solid as a rock. Avoid crack lighters, they break so goddamn easily, and your no crackhead (I assume). On the bics, just be sure to remove the safety. If you didnt it would be a major faux pas.
  7. the torch would be better but if you have to choose between plastic ones bics are the best . . . once you remove the safety. the other ones with adjustable flames are shite
  8. i just used the wind resistant one in my garage toking on my new homemade water bong with ice catch.

    it really does heat the weed up super quick.
    i hit it, next thing i know is its a bright orange glow.
  9. Use the torch, but be careful. the tip of the flame should be JUST hitting the weed, with how the flames on most of them are tuned. It gets much hotter than a bic, meaning more THC is properly vaporized and not lost.
  10. i'm not a cig smoker, so i only carry lighters as a afterthought

    i just buy a ton of crack lighters and put them in basket/bowl in my room,

    they are $1.50 for 11 at freds dollar store, or like $8-9 for 100 at sams club

    sure they are crappy and break, but you have lighters for weeks/months and don't have to worry about finding one.

    plus once you run out, theres usually a TON of random lighters around the house.
  11. I use a normal lighter, then use the torch to get all the resin out of the screen
  12. Stick with bic.

    Even bics and other cheap lighters are unneccesarily hot to vaporize weed; when flame touches weed it inevitably destroys some cannabinoids. Torch lighters are several hundred degrees hotter (I believe) and can destroy even more sticky goodness.

    But wind is understandably a bitch. Do what you gotta do- I don't count molecules anyway.

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