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  1. Hello everyone I am new to this forum, and still pretty new to growing, well I have a question for all you expirienced growers out there. I've grown once before but have never gotten a plant to full maturity,:rolleyes: right now I have a single sprouter bout 3 inches tall just startin out. Was wondering if one 18 inch, 15 watts (T8) light bulb would work for growing the plant to maturity.. would it be able to flower well enough to make decent, smokable buds? And if not, would two of the same set-ups positioned on eather side be enough?

    I know 15 watts isnt that much but its an aquarium light if that helps any

    Thanks for any responses, tips and advice would be helpfull too
  2. That won't be enough, neither will 2. You'd need 10 of those bulbs to even consider the word yield.
  3. you will need 2700k cfls man to get her to bud i have 6 2700k clf and 2 6500k cfl that is doing the job perfectly there cheap and easy to get use them with your t8s and you will be fine 100watts for a plant should do the job.
  4. Thanks for the help, is that the cheapest set up that will actually work?

    How much did you pay for ALL those cfls? You said you have 6 & 2, is that for one plant or do you have multipule plants
  5. 2 plants and a tomato bush to be exact lol and it cost me about 15 bucks for the globes from a supermarket lol
  6. If you're planning on growing 1 plant you might consider a 150/250 watt HPS instead of CFLs. It will cost you less in the long run and give you a better yield.

    This will explain lighting The Green Pages - Lighting

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