question about light proofing blanket

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jamified, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. I just realized how I could split my grow room into a vegging section and a flower section, but it would require something to the effect of a giant light-proof blanket..... does anyone know if something like this exists, it would need to be pretty big, like 12 feet tall and probably around like 5 feet wide at least.... any suggestions?
  2. Im pretty sure a Black Out Curtain would work (Get them at a Home/Furnishing Place.)

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  3. I use black fabric purchased from the fabric store. Overlap and stitch together for the 12' dimension. Hold fabric up to the light to make sure it's tight stitched not allowing light to penetrate. Some fabrics might need to be doubled. I didn't know about a black out curtain, that might be the thing if not expensive.
  4. its not hard to split a room, just make a frame out of 1x2's and then staple mylar, black/whit poly/ or whatever light proof you are using to the frame. i would suggest mylar or even better black/white poly plastic, its black on one side so light cant go through and whit on one so its very reflective

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