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    Im in the middle of flowering 9 plants, Day 6. Today I had to hide them for a bit as a precaution and interrupted their light on schedule by an hour, I kept the light on till 2:00 it usually goes off at 1:30 and set the on time for 1:00 to help make up the difference. Did I mess up, How should I correct my mistake if I commited one, thank
    Also could one do 6on 6 off 6on and then 6 off again for flowering?
  2. absofunkinglutly not major stress and can cause hermies
  3. What should I do? They ve been in the dark for 3 hours
  4. I'm not sure I'm following you. Are you saying that the plants went an extra half-hour in light for one day so you gave them a half-hour less light the next day? If so that shouldn't be a problem.

    What is your dark cycle? Just remember in flowering, if you have to mess with the light schedule, if possible give them more dark than usual rather than more light than usual.

  5. Cool Thanks toasty No I had to take them out of the light for about an hour if that while they shouldve been in the light...Thanks for the help:hello:
  6. no said 6 hours on 6 hours off 6 on 6 off and so on . and thats a nono
  7. Yeah I figured that out Thanks Wme....
  8. no brob good luck

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