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  1. hey guys i have a question i have been looking at these ufo led lights and i was considering maybe getting one
    im growing in a closet so i cant have proper ventilation and cooling for a hps or mh

    so i was wondering how hot would a led light get, i have a/c in my room and i use cfl lights, i use about 6 of them and i maintain a temp of about 75
    do you guys think the led will be too hot or are they not that hot
  2. My 90 watt UFO puts out very little heat.

  3. Do u think a led light will give me a much bigger yield over using cfl lights
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    I would say dont waste your money on overpriced led's..use cfl' only need 100w for your first plant and 50 more for each additional plant. I have a led ufo and it actually puts off alot of heat..I spent money on led's and I now want a HPS..

    You should get a 150w hps, it wont put off too much heat..
  5. ok thanks man

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