Question about led grow lights?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by youblee, Oct 26, 2014.

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    my grow room is currently just running a winged reflector 400 watt hps and i have aircooled hps  light 1000 watt that i can't run cause i can't exhaust the hot air from it  its air cooled and theres really no place in my bedroom i can let the air escape from it. so i run it runs to hot and the room goes 79 degrees to about 110.
    the 400 watt on the other hand doesn't raise the temp of the room.
    im looking on ebay at mars leds lights where i found them most cheapest on the internet and was wondering if i could run a 600 watt led light next to my 400 watt hps without heating up the room to high.
    i want maxiumum yeilds? not sure about how hot these leds lights get as the 400 watt doesn't cause to many problems in my room

  2. Each situation is different and the answer you get might not be right.

    But I think you will be ok. ( I'm no expert)

    Are you running your lights at night ?

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    Cheaper is not better when it comes to meds
    Now if you were using cfls, then you might be happy with the Mars, but by your current light standards you are used to a certain high quality result
    Meds need sun like intensity to be their best
    A quality panel distributes high intensity PAR across the canopy AND penetrates well below
    Pony up for a quality panel
    You'll be glad you did
    Several of us here are using Amare Technologies Solar Specs, which are designed by a mj grower
  4. Quality aside, leds still produce heat especially if you currently don't have a way to exhaust hot air from your grow room. I had to run an active intake from my AC trunk line into my tent to keep it cool while also exhausting hot air with an 8" inline fan. 
  5. I've never had a problem with heat using an LED, if you use LED, stick to that. You might risk light stress and getting a hermied plant if you're confusing it with all the different spectrum and heat. As far as brand, getting a name only really gives you a longer warranty. But any of them should last about 50,000 hours, which is a long ass time.
  6. He's asking if running a mars LED WITH his HID will add to much heat.

    He's not asking for advice about which led to go with.

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    yeah im not sure at this point i run my 400 watt all day and i don't run the 1000 watt i have no way to exhaust the hot air the bulb creates. my plants might have already hermied from when i burnt them but they made a full recoverey reguardless time will tell.
    not sure really brand isn't so important to me, just budget and will how much it raise the temp of the room which is why i was going to run led's cause i heard there known for running cooler than other lights. i think whats hes saying is i answered my own question and these lights will be better for my circumstances. yeah but international grower makes me think heat could be an issue after what he said
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  9. well nevermind the temp under my 400 watt alone last night aws 91 degrees i got 6 beautiful autoflower plants of blueberry white widow under it and its hot as jesus in the room aparently i need some kind of fresh air intake at least.
    before i can add another light i will wait till winter and run a intake fan of cold air from my window to get great temps. but theres no way i can substain another grow light with the one light riight now. i'll figure out something i'm sure everyone has this issue
  10. you might consider going completely over to led, those mars(from what ive seen in journals) do pretty well for the price, i personally use leds but i build my own, however im in small spaces if i were you id prob aircool that hps seen as you already have it.

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