Question about lean, purple drank, etc.

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  1. I think i may have a form of drank. I know its promethazine but i have another purple cough syrup with codeine in it. on the label it says Tuscosed linctus for relief of coughs. might i be able to use this as drank? cuz its just cough syrup with codeine in it right?
  2. Yup. S'drank.
  3. LUCKY
    i haven't had lean for MONTHS.
  4. even tho its jus some over the counter ish here in the bahamas haha i gess thats why we got 222's also. codeine is illegal over the counter in the us right? each serving (teaspoon 5ml) has 10mg of codeine in it how much should i put in a cup wit sprite? anyone kno how long it will last?
  5. *waits patiently for KSR to show up* :D
  6. anyone know how much syrup i should add with the sprite? im think half of a bottle or should i go a whole bottle? anyone?
  7. HALF bottle of promethazine is plenty if not too much. but i heard Tuscosed Linctus is more powerfull. to be safe i wouldnt take more than a quarter bottle unless you know the exact amount of codeine...seriously

    i pour it into a cup of sprite and drink very slowly, at least a half hour to finish a glass of it.
  8. I have drunk half a bottle or more an i dont feel shit.... it has 10mg of codeine for 1 teaspoon...
  9. does it have to have promethazine in it? cuz i can buy that over the counter too which i just found out
  10. Haha.

    I'd pour 2-4 ounces in a 20oz sprite and lean to the side.
  11. is it the codeine or promethazine or both that makes u lean? cuz its not really doin shit to me....
  12. I use 2 oz of liquid codine and 30 mg of promethazine.
  13. Codiene will fuck you up but the combination is 'purple drank/lean.'
  14. Codeine is an opiate, promethazine is a nausea suppressant. Promethazine has no recreational value whatsoever, and you need a LOT of codeine to feel anything. Go with what KSR said.

    I don't understand why people don't look up the chemicals they're consuming..
  15. Question...

    I know that it will fuck you up royally..but what is the feeling like? Drunk/happy? Drunk/crazy? Drunk/chill? Drunk/trippin? I've never drank the stuff before
  16. Well i got a bottle of Tuscosed Linctus for $6.45 125mL. it has 14mg of Diphenhydramine HCl, 10mg of Codeine Phosphate, 5mg of Ephedrine HCl, and 40mg of Sodium Citrate.... that sounds bout rite but i can also get Phensedyl with Promethazine Hydrochloride 3.6mg and Codeine Phosphate 9mg..... but the only thing is i have to ask for it from behind the counter an i can only get 1 100ml bottle a week or sumthin like that
  17. all i kno is i drank half a bottle of Tuscosed an aint shit happen i felt a little bit relaxed
  18. Read: Opiate
  19. sir yes sir goin on errowid now
  20. They dont call it lean for no reason, Shit makes ya lean to the side.

    Real chill slowed down feeling.

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