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Question about Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JmartNukka, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. It seems like every time i pick up any type of kush it burns my throat alot more nd doesnt taste like some of the fruity shit i get, does anyone else get this? if so is there a reason behind why? like how its grown or chems they use? I usually smoke out of a g tube(2 liter gravity bong) or my bubbler
  2. From my experience (with strains of real kush) it has a heaviler/musty/earthy feeling rather then if you were to smoke a fruity sativa. The growing method I think has more of difference then anything I'd say... so many variables to take into account that can change how the plant grows.
  3. you're probably smoking something someone wanted to get out on the market quickly. properly grown/cured kush is "very" tasty. most kush lovers have a "kush only" pipe because of great flavor, lol!
  4. ^^^ yea kush is delicious.... indicas tend to have a thicker smoke tho, so i could see if it was grown it wasnt flushed in time perhaps, burning when you smoke it and tasting funky...cause of the fert....but who knows man, unless you talk to the grower you arent gonna know wtf your buying usually....
  5. I like my kush dry like a fish with no water.

  6. This, it was probably a lack of flushing or, if you're unlucky, it might've been sprayed but that doesn't really happen in America (does it?).
    Also, just to clarify are you talking about all the specific strains of 'kush' or just 'dank' bud?

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