Question about kief/keif?

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  1. Yo guys, I can't get to any headshops but I managed to get a cheap plastic grinder. It grinds pretty good, better than I thought. It doesn't have what I think is called a catcher, for the keif to go, but I am getting a powdery build up in the bottom of the grinder. Is this keif? If so how can I get it out of the grinder and what can I do with it?
  2. yo man, sounds like youve got some keif collecting at the bottom of ur grinder, what you wanna do it is find a way to collect it.. i have no idea of it'll work, but theoretically speaking you can wash the keif out [but collect the water used and dont use soap] and heat up the water so that the keif particles suspended in the water evaporate out. collecting and cooling the keif vapor is another question tho..
    ooor you can just get a grinder w a keif collector before your keif collection grows and add some convenience to ur life yeahh..
    sorry if bout not having a good shop nearby, i had to mission it to a different city for mine
  3. I suggest using something along the lines of a paperclip and scrape it into something easily accessible like a small cup where when you want, just put some in your bowl pack :smoke:
  4. I would be wary of the kief built up in the bottom of your plastic grinder.

    IMO, alot of that keif is gonna be small bits of plastic that have sloughed off with the friction of the grind.

    Just a heads up, not everyone is as neurotic about these kind of things as i am. Happy collecting and try to put a bit of cash away till you have enough for a spacecase. Now thats the bomb diggity
  5. I've got a metal grinder without a kief catcher. I usually tap it out on whatever surface I'm rolling or packing on. If I've got a lot of buildup I'll wash my gear down with a little bit of 99% rubbing alcohol. Cleans everything up real nice, and isopropyl is great for dissolving the trichs. After it evaporates off, I've got a decent amount of hash to work with.

    I've also used Xylene (lacquers thinner). It smells nasty, but it evaporates clean and quick, and it's not miscible with water, so I can wash my batches to get rid of all the nasty polar impurities.

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