Question about kief/keif?

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  1. Yo guys, I can't get to any headshops but I managed to get a cheap plastic grinder. It grinds pretty good, better than I thought. It doesn't have what I think is called a catcher, for the keif to go, but I am getting a powdery build up in the bottom of the grinder. Is this keif? If so how can I get it out of the grinder and what can I do with it?
  2. I use a small stiff bristle paintbrush to brush my grinder clean of kief(THC Crystals).

    After its out you can smoke it in a bowl, or ontop of a bowl fulla weed. Or you can roll it into a joint, or eat it lol.

  3. I'd use it to top off, or use for a portion of a bowl, and light up and enjoy. Also, if you want to enjoy the kief pure sorta, and not the weed as much, when you use it to top off the bowl, keep the lighter or heating source a bit farther than you normally do. This will vaporize, or not burn the kief as much. It will burn the kief primarily and not the herb. then you can enjoy it pure as it were. Hope this helps.
  4. If you gonna get a kief grinder do not settle for a cheapo one like i did. the weed gets stuck in between the screen and the grinder. get one for atleast 20-30 dollar trust me its worth it n make sure you take any seed out of the nug before you put it in or the seeds will get cracked and mixed in wit the weed and thats never good.;)
  5. deff get a good keif grinder if yo are going to get one other wise the keif is a waste....usually if the weed has a lot of keif it is good weed and you can save the keif to put on a bowl of mids or kb and then it make the bowl better and you get higher

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