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Question About Keef?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BigD210, May 20, 2013.

  1. Okay so I'm sure this is a dumb question but fuck it, here goes.
    So lately all my friends have been raving about how awesome keef is and you can use it to make hash and blah blah. My question is, what is the point exactly?
    What I mean by this is what difference does it make if you grind all the weed up into little flakes and sprinkle it on the bigger bud pieces? Your still smoking all the same weed right? Am I missin something here?
  2. Kief is the trichomes that come off the weed when it's ground up/agitated. These trichomes contain the THC that gets you high. Long story short, it's just more concentrated THC than weed, which some people then use to make hashish (which, by definition, is trichomes that have been heated and compressed together).
  3. Well it makes no sense to grind weed and then pack the kief onto the weed you just grinded. It's something you save up until you have a good amount then yeah you can press it and make hash. It's just a nice thing to have for rainy days when you're dry.
  4. i just sprinkle keif on top of my hits when i want to get really high
  5. Yes, same weed, but just more potency in a sitting. 
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    Okay so basically my friends are dumbasses, that's what I thought haha. So yes kief is great when you've run out of weed or want to get extra high but there's no point in grinding it all up and smoking it with your bud if you already planned on smoking all your bud anyways?

    Like pretty much if I have .5 of some kush an plan on smoking it all at once, theres no point in grinding the shit out of it and putting the kief on top of the bud if I'm already planning on smoking it all. I should just save the kief for later when I run out or whatever, sound right?
  7. having a bunch of keif saved up when you thought you were low is always fun. i usually just use it randomly ontop of my bong hits. just enough to have a golden layer over the hit
  8. Well hypothetically the more surface area the better itl burn, but grinding .5 into straight keef just to smoke it is a waste of time, it wont get you any higher.
  9. <sup>keef isnt ground up nugget, keef is the trichromes(crystals) that fall through the keef catcher while grinding up bud, </sup>
    <sup>i usually dont blaze it with my nuggets though, unless im smokin like a 3 strain salad doobie, then ill sprinkle keef across it just because its a special doob haha</sup>
    <sup>but you might as well save the keef, i mean you gotta break the nuggets up anyway right? might as well get some keef while your at it, always comes in handy when u run a little low</sup>
  10. right, you're getting some for later because the stuff you're grinding now isn't as potent (losing trichomes)
    weed doesn't just appear outta air

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