Question about JWH-018 (Help needed ;)

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  1. hey fellas, SWIM here needs some help clarifying with legality issues locally. SWIM went to local drug enforcement website, got hold of the schedule, and says "Cannabinol. Cannabinol derivatives. Cannabis and cannabis resin." under SCHEDULE I, SWIM understands this part [​IMG] though, at the end of the page, it does say this "For the purposes of this Schedule -"cannabinol derivatives" means the following substances, namely tetrahydro derivatives of cannabinol and their carboxylic acid derivatives, and 3-alkyl homologues of cannabinol or its tetrahydro derivatives; "preparation" means a mixture, solid or liquid, containing a controlled drug;"

    Does this affect JWH-018? From what SWIM understood so far (from research and SWIM's limited understanding of the english language), it doesn't affect JWH-018 since it is not a cannabinol/cannabinoid, but acts as one? Plus, it's synthetic, and doesn't have the substances stated? (SWIM searched for "pentyl" "naphthoyl" "indole" in the list, no results) Obvously SWIM doesn't want to be in any trouble with local laws, clarifications regarding the information posted are appreciated and SWIM isn't too sure about what SWIM thinks so SWIM'd like someone knowlegdable to confirm/dispute what SWIM said.
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  3. my bad ;) anyone could help me out here then ? :)
  4. Hate to revive a long dead thread, but I saw no one answered your question. The answer to your question would be: Yes and No.
    Yes because of the Analogue Act. This act states that any substance that is chemically or otherwise related to a controlled substance should be treated as a controlled substance.
    However there is a loophole. JWH-018 is legally sold online because it is specifically "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" or "FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY."

    So, what happens when you get pulled over by a cop and he somehow finds out that you have JWH-018? Depends on whether or not he believes you are using it on yourself, or for "fertilizer" or other non-human purposes. If you can convince him, without a doubt, that it is not for your own use, you should be good to go. On the other hand if he believes you are using it to get high, he will charge you for the same offense as he would if you had marijuana.

    I believe that few cops, especially those in more rural areas, would even know what JWH-018 is. Unfortunately this is a bad thing, because if they see a white powdery substance they're going to think COCAINE! :D

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