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    im using platinum hide ip and was wondering if this would slow down my internet connection

    also, what is the best app/method to hide ones ip?
    and what does tor do exactly?
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    Vpn. the platinum is known to open up backdoor ports,
    try tor/firefox with torbutton. best imo but you sacrifice speed for security.
    also you can try autohide ip, i have that full program if you want to try.
    But Tor project is the best free and secure out there. if you configure it right you will have little to no speed decrease.
  3. tor routes your packets through relays making your true ip and identity very hard to trace.
    its used for people who need to conceal their identity and location. basically other tor users can use their computer connections to connect you to whichever site. your isp wont see what you're doing, neither will anyone else unless they are hellbent on knowing.
    peer gaurdian tor and firefox all together and maybe a proxy is pretty good combo.
  4. what's an ip hider? can you give me a name of a program that does this. or a link would be even better? i was on a site once called and one of the mods from 5mins after i registered traced my ip and told everyone on the site my address and even went as far to go on google maps and get a satellite image.i dont like people being able to do that. so i would download it lol
  5. pm me.
  6. You can hide your ip address using this software
    You can also use Proxy server to hide your ip. This could mask your IP with a fake one. You can check whether your original ip address hided or not using this site

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