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Insomnia Question about insomnia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tazerangue, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I've been using MMJ for about a year and a half now for ptsd. And for the longest time it helped put me right to bed which was great because I was sleeping 1-3 hours a night, then when I started smoking I was sleeping 8-9 hours, but lately it makes no difference. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
  2. Yeah I'm sort of in the same situation but smoking before bed does relax me and makes it a lot easier to fall asleep. My routine is go to the bathroom put on a funny t.v show and smoke 2-4 bowls/cones and I just can't help but to go to sleep. It might sound obvious but smoking then chilling for an hr or two then going to bed means, your high is starting to die down and your not at your "highest". Have you tried smoking a bit then taking an edible? Give it ago, good luck.

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  3. cbn ( cannabinol) is the sleep compound in cannabis... if you are in a legal State then you could have access to it
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  4. Absolutely normal.
    Different pathways to the blood stream seem to have somewhat different tolerances, so you might want to try tinctures and/or edibles. Even vaping, if you can get over the initial subtler high, might help by changing the temperature.

    If you want to try edibles, I've been pushing this simple, potent method (my favorite): (1) Decarb any amount of herb, even a fraction of a gram, for 40 minutes @ 240 F using an oven thermometer (2) Grind to powder in a coffee grinder (3) Mix with nut butter, nutella, or anything oily, and let stand warm (under 120 F) for at least several hours, the longer the better, with occasional stirring. (4) Spread onto bread, crackers, anything, and use. (I make a supply of cracker sandwiches and wrap them in foil).
    It's easy to keep track of dosage by assuming 15% herb, because each 0.1 gram herb ingested will contain about 15 mg thc. 0.1 g will blast a new user, most people will feel 0.2 g strongly, and 0.5 g will medicate almost anyone.
    Edibles take about 1-2 hours to kick in, and then last about 5-8 hours. The initial kick in time can be shortened with smoke.

    You can also bake with decarbed, ground herb mixed into the oil/butter of any recipe, but the baking will reduce potency.
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  5. The effect weed has on me varies from time of ingestion. Since I'm only using home made edibles now, I have to be careful when I take a dose. It usually takes two hours to peak with another 1.5 - 2 hr plateau. During this time I feel more energized than I would have had I not taken anything.

    After about 4-5 hrs, a gradual relaxation creeps in. The comedown is what I'm looking for at about the time when I want to drift off to sleep. So, I try to dose somewhere around 4 pm, just when I'm leaving work. It starts kicking in around 5, and I have energy to do things for several hours before it's time to hit the hay.

    Edibles seem to work better for me because they last so long and I use about 1/5 the amount I would if I was smoking.
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  6. I appreciate everyone's replies I have lots of new things to try. The only thing is I've had edibles on a number of occasions and they never really seem to do anything for me so I'm not sure if that would work. I got into concentrates a few month back but stopped using them recently because my tolerance skyrocketed and it's been a little better since then. But again thanks everyone I'm gonna look into all of these

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  7. Thanks for the information. It will go to help in managing the level of insominia!!
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  8. Another thing to be careful about is strain, and you can't always trust breeder descriptions, so if you grow, stick with reputable ones. Only strong indicas give me good sleep, especially the purps.
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