question about injecting oxycontin

Discussion in 'General' started by bongman54, May 8, 2006.

  1. ok first of all i am not a junkie who wants to shoot up a painkiller but my friend is. he told he would pay me if i found out how to. i know this sound kind of odd but if anyone was infomation how to please post on this thread. thanks
  2. You are a really good friend...:rolleyes:
  3. hey dude, send negligent a private message. he'll help you out perfectly.
  4. not much to it, but I've heard that some oxy's are made with other crap in them, thats not supposed to be shot up, make sure you get the right kind i guess.
  5. haha aight what you wanna do is suck on the outside until all the color shit is gone and then some, then break it up real hardcore n put it in a spoon, add more than enough water to cover the pill material, use a lighter or candle to melt it down and stir it with the plunger (the part u push on a syringe) of the needle, not the inside part but the plastic part, then add a lil bit more water, until theres enough to fill the syringe up about 3/8th of an inch up (u want a pure mix for the super rush) and then jus stick it in the vein, draw blood back to make sure its in and push it in real quick, i dont use a band to tie my arm off i jus hit it, its easier in my book

    i shotup 40mg's my first time n was super fucked up, it was hard to breathe for a lil bit and i got dopesick as hell the next day

    g'day haha
  6. yeah what negligent said. Watch for air bubbles too in the mix, you dont want them.BE CAREFUL you and your "friend". The needle has taken down many! I myself was there years ago. H and oxy's. Make sure they are the little small baby aspirin sized ones not the new football shaped ones. you cant shoot those, they turn to a gel that you cannot melt. MODERATION or you will want to quit your job and still supply the habit. AND if you do it, be careful of smoking cigs, you most likely are going to nod out, don't burn the house down!

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