Question about hydro systems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by splifaz, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. yeah, i wanted to know if 1 system was better than another when it comes to vegging and flowering?
  2. Got any particulars in mind? You're asking about ALL types of hydro setups...
  3. yeah, for a drip system better for vegetation, and a ebb n flow better for flowering?

    Are there any system thats better than another when it comes to veg and flowering?or does it not matter at all which 1 i use?
  4. I cant say which is better for veg or flower... but I've been using DWC since seed and am very happy... besides managing your PH, this is a very simple setup.. as long as you dont mind checking your PH DAILY!! A PPM meter is handy as well but not necessary if you change your water weekly.

    I use a PPM meter so I can stretch water changes to 2 to 3 week intervals while just adding water inbetween without completely diluting the solution... if done properly and you know your measurements you should never have to change your water with a PPM meter in a DWC, just add nutrients with your top up water and your good.

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