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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jblewballz, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Ok I have right now a 600w digital ballast with a 600w bulb and the enclosed fixture (sold as kit) I recently moved and a 600w is simply to hot for the space and I think its cause interference, alot of cable bucket trucks running around. Anyway, I want to switch to a 400w magnetic ballast. How ever my question is can I use the same enclosed hood from my 600w setup and just swap the 600w bulb with a 400w bulb and naturally the ballast would be 400w, same as bulb, is there a difference between a 600w enclosed hood and a 400w enclosed hood?

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  2. You can use hood on up to a 1000 watt. 400 would be fine

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  3. Cool. Thanks. Saved myself 100 cause I found one on amazon.

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  4. Can't you just dim the ballast if its digital?
    You also may want to look into getting a socket spacer to place the 400w bulb in the center of your hood. Most hoods are built to accommodate 1000w bulbs.
  6. Thanks. Never thought of that. I may buy a cooltube to save on space and I feel it will disperse light better since I am limited on height
  7. Adjust-a-wing?
  8. Right now the enclosure I have is like a box with glass, it came with the adapter to center the bulb which I didnt know till you suggested it and I looked. But even with a 400w it was still getting around 90 but I had it carbon filter - 1' duct - 530 cfm fan then almost 180 degree bend into light enclosure - out of enclosure with 90 to small inline booster to garage. I know bends hurt so now its cf - duct - fan - slight 90 turn with 3' duct to garage and I have the booster fan sucking air from the garage blowing through enclosure out to the garage and temps are around 78f with lights on. They are much happier also

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