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  1. I have a box that is 4'L 2'W 6'H I was thinking about getting a 400W HPS to use with the florescent lights I already have. My question is what type of heat it puts off. I live in a very hot part of the country and my box is in a barn that is not climate controlled. For example it's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow. In the middle of summer we get 100+. I have grown outside very successfully despite the heat. So what do yall think should I go with the 400 or get a 250?
  2. Well that barn without a light is getting a bit too hot. Adding an hps will only make things worse. I guess if you have grown in that much heat a little hps will not make that much of a difference. You can't find a place to grow inside someplace?
  3. Just make sure your grow box gets adequate ventilation and maintains a decent humidity. Try getting a couple of fans.
  4. I think you are talking about an oven not a growbox. Either wattage light in an enclosed space will generate noticeable heat. Ventilation under the circumstances you describe won't cut it, blowing around a lot of hot air won't result in cool air. You need an air conditioner or a different location.

    You said it's going to be warm there tomorrow, go put a thermometer in the barn and then check it around 3pm to see what your ambient temp is.

    For comparison, I live in the South and recently moved my growbox out of an attic. On a sunny day if the outside temp was 70* then the temp in the attic was 90* and inside the box was over 100* (my light is 250w). When it really starts to get hot in a couple of months that will all ratchet up even more, that's why I moved my whole setup into the garage.

    So the heat just compounds. Even if you grew successfully in 100* outdoors you could be looking at that resulting in 130* inside your box in the barn.

    Sorry, I really think you need a/c or a different location.

  5. I agree. Bad location here, sorry man.
  6. indeed. If it is that nice out, why not try to grow outdoors?
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    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I want to grow indoors because I just got a nice hydro setup and you know I can control all elements. I don’t have room for it inside my house unfortunately. Does anyone know if they make mini air conditioners like something that would fit in my box? Oh I think I will run 18/6 and try to run the HPS at night only then switch to fluorescents for the daytime. It just sucks because I built my box got everything ready put four 4 foot fluorescents in the corners and wanted to put a 400w hps hanging from the ceiling. I was thinking about putting a glass sheet between the plants and the light and putting an active intake blowing on the light. But your right I will just be pushing around hot air.
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    Global warming is a b!tch!
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    im sure theres a room in your house you cann clear out a square to make you a grow area,,,if you put black plastic from floor to cieling,,you basically create your own enviorment inside there,,,good luck....
  10. I could but my grandma lives across the street and visits often. I have 3 windows in the barn and I have a few window units (AC) that I think are going up. I also might just grow outside during summer and inside during winter. I just hate growing outside because all these F#cking hunters use our woods to hunt on and I know for a fact the sheriff is an avid hunter. One of those goddamned rednecks shot one of our dogs in the head last summer.
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