Question about HPS distance from plants

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  1. My 600 stays about ten inches from the canopy...any closer and itll jack em up..i have a thermometer that I lay on the edge of the bucket and it tells me what its at
  2. Thank you! I may consider adding it to my stealth dresser setup
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    600 watts is alot different than 150 watts...check out the chart and use it as a basic guideline but like numbnutts said, you cant let them get to close to that heat, it will stress them out..but you also dont want them too far away....put them where they should be according to the chart and then hold your hand at the same distance for a few minutes...if its too hot for your hand, its too hot for your plants...adjust them accordingly if you have to.
  4. Sorry im sooooo baked and didnt think of the difference....wait...i wasnt baked when I wrote though...yeah a six hundred can put off like 3000 btu of heat comin off that bitch...i keep a fan blowing from the floor strait up to the basicaly blows the hot air up faster so the fan can suck it out up top....and ok m lucky..i think it may be too clod in the spot without the lamp..its a solid 68 to 72 not that thats solid but you know what im saying..when I add the other six hundred tommorow I hope it raises it to 75 to 80...68 is feeling a little cold
  5. ^^^^ wow I am baked..sry bout the baked ramble that kinda didnt make sense.
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  7. And you soooo fuckin an a.d.d. ridden person so its all that much more satisfying to finish and smoke my own...just today two of my sour d popped out the soil..
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    Hahaha! It happens to the best of us...I have a 400 watt HPS in an aircooled, sealed reflector and I still have to be careful with the heat....I wasnt baked before but I am now...fuck Its hard to type on this keypad on my phone when I get like took me 5 minutes to type this shit... :smoke:

  9. thats pretty sweet haha let me know if you think 18 inches is enough for a four way LST topped plant, its short by genetics but i want to be sure b4 i order it

  10. Just watched that vid...thread ..whatever...very cool..i tied mine down a few anyway..looks very similar..i was just scared to top it that early..not now though..

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  12. I once accidently sent a picture of my weed plants to my sister, which was not cool, but that had less to do with my phone and more to do with me just being a high as hell dumbass. :D:

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    My pgone also posted pics of my garden on fucking grandmother was like...WHAT THA HELLS WRONG WITH YOU?

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  15. Not to disrupt your stoned convo... Thought I'd touch on your original question...

    When you plug your light in, put your hand directly under the light... so the light is shining on the back of your hand. Now, if it gets too hot, move your hand down... keep going down until it feel comfortable. Your plants should stay below that point on your light... Maybe a couple inches lower, just for safety. The problem with close distance is the heat that will destroy the plant. I don't think they can have too much light. Just too much heat.

  16. Thanks, i looked at that chart and it said about 4 inches for a 150w hps. i was thinking of overloading that area with fans and using it until i see the plants too close for comfort. i think with lots of topping lst and such it should stay below 18~ inches

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