Question about how MJ grows.

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  1. Hey guys.

    I am currently running a small stealth grow with PPP and using CFLs.

    I've had some pretty healthy grow recently and I want to get to grips with something so that I can understand my plant better.

    Where the fan leaves (thick green line in picture) meet the stem, there has been new growth growing out of it with different looking leaf sets.

    I just wanted to know what these leaf sets are. Is this where buds will grow? Please explain what these are and how they grow as I want to know whether I should chop them as I am doing an LST and they will get very little light.

    Appreciate any comments - the growth is circled in red in the diagram.

    Fat E:D

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  2. Those are side branches, and are good for your plant. Buds will develop in each of the nodes, and they will also develop on your side branches as well. Leave them be.
  3. So these branches are gonna need some light! Not too sure how I'm gonna LST those though!

    Thanks for the reply LBL. I'm gonna let it carry on growin and see what happens!

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