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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new here and a new grower too. I look forward to learning a lot here in the days and months to come. Right now I have 3 BC Da Purps plants I grew from seed (in soil). All 3 were bushy and vigorous so I cut about 30 clones off of them and then put them into flowering 12/12 schedule. Everything was super fine until yesterday. All 30 of the clones are growing like crazy (about 6-8 inches tall and super healthy looking). Those are in vegetation mode, of course. I labeled everything, as to which came off of which potential mom. Then, yesterday, I noticed that 2 of the 3 moms have turned into hermaphrodites. :eek: I don't know whether to puke or cry!

    This is my first grow and I HATE to have to scrap 2/3 of the clones unless I have to! (you know how it is ...waiting for the BABIES to mature!) My question is:
    These were "feminized" seeds, but from my reading that's no guarantee as to BALLLESS offspring. So...if a potential mother turned into a hermaphrodite, would all of her offspring do the same? Or is there like maybe a 50/50 chance of them throwing some females?

    Any thoughts/comments MOST apprecieated!
    Like I said, I'm glad to have found this place and hope to learn a lot from all the oldtimers.
  2. BUMP....

    I'd really like to see some of the people with experience on here answer this one, I've wondered this quite a few times myself ....
  3. Too bad on the hermies, but once a hermi always a hermi, the clones are just that , identical. Did you say one is not? That would be for the clones.

    You should post some pics, might be just males.
  4. I'm brand new to this whole growing thing.. I'm not going to just ask questions I'm going to experiment and learn as I go.

    I'm thinking of making a journal of my progress I think I'll start some time next week:) hopefully this works out as it's going to be my first grow (hydroponic)
  5. THANKS Granny! I'll do that! They're sleepin right now, and I gotta make a run to the city tomorrow, which will take all day...but I'll definitely snap a couple of pics and upload them before I resort to pulling them up and throwing them on the compost pile!

    So, not to be stupid, but what you're saying is that even though they hadn't shown any sex traits at the time they had clones cut and started...they fact that they turned into hermies later on shows that they were unstable genetically, rather than becoming bisexual secondary to having some kind of stress or mistreatment on my part? Come to think of it...I think it's more likely the FIRST scenario, since I raised the 3 of them under identical conditions. So that would go with the supposition that they were 'genetically unstable' (for lack of knowing exactly what to call it) and became hermaphrodites for THAT reason. So that would go with what YOU said..."once a hermi, always a hermi". SHIT! I HATE that! :mad:

    Just one other dumb question: even if they're males (vs. hermies), why would I want to keep them? I thought I just wanted a couple of good mothers and then cut clones. Wouldn't having males be more for if I was wanting to experiment with creating a new hybrid strain from them? Or are you saying separate them, save the seeds and replant and maybe some of them would yield females, provided the seeds were from a MALE plant...versus from a hermaphrodite? Is that how it works?

    DAMN! I'm pretty fluent at PEOPLE sex...but this PLANT SEX stuff is really getting confusing! :D

    Thanks again for your answer! I'll post the pictures as soon as I can get them.
    Take care.
  6. :confused:Okay, okay! I think I've got it! (as in, I answered my own 'Marijuana Sex 101' question! Thank you very much, everyone!) LOL!
    I did some more reading and now know that male plants don't yield SEEDS. They just yield pollen that CREATES seeds on the female plants. duh! Well, that's the last thing I want...and, since clones from a male would also only produce males...the faster I toss them the better! Right so far?
    So if I want to propogate the species, the best thing to do at this point would be to take the 1 good female I have and, since she's still in early bloom, I could cut a few clones off of her lower branches that wouldn't have produced much anyhow and clone them. Then put those into vegetation mode, and carry on from there...producing some nice mothers THAT way, without having to order more seeds and completely start over from scratch!
    I'm not gonna bother uploading pictures because I'm SURE now that they're males.
    I'd appreciate some comments here! I just want to multiply my # of plants asexually, as fast as possible, till I create enough plants to actually have enough for a HARVEST. Then if I decide I want to invest in more seeds ( to try and improve the quality of the mother... by having other females to choose from) I can always do that LATER, after I have more money. Am I thinking right? Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Looks good on paper man, just gotta make it work. I just started 3 clones off a stunted mother just for that reason, to increase the harvest.

    At this rate it'll be another 6mos before i'll beable to grow enough so I don't have to buy it. This is not as easy as some make it out to be. Need some decent seeds.

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