question about henna

Discussion in 'General' started by burandino, May 29, 2009.

  1. anyone know how much a henna kit costs?
    and it 1 kit enough to do a design on both hands?
  2. I love henna :yay:

    You can get henna online, I would suggest a powder that you mix yourself so it's fresh when you use it.

    It isn't very expensive, and they are all different sizes,
    but I've never bought henna that didn't have enough to do both hands.
  3. do you think maybe an arts and crafts store may have it?
  4. I'm pretty sure I've seen henna kits even in convenience stores around my town, definitely in arts&crafts stores.

    Then again, my town has one of the highest Indian-American population by percentage in the entire USA, so it may be different by me.

    Super Mario Galaxy is the shit, by the way. +rep
  5. haha alright, time to go lookin, thanks!
  6. so i found some henna yesterday
    it was kind of a crappy applicator, the tip kept falling off
    this is also my first one, i don't really know much about the designs so i made my own
    i was also kinda high and my hands were all shaky haha

    tell me what you think


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