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Question about hash/bud brownies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mat420, Aug 6, 2008.

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    2. How do I know how much weed to use in the recipe? Out of like 3, 4 recipes I'm seeing everything from a half ounce to over 2 ounces (which I would never do). For whatever amount you tell me, WHAT QUALITY WEED? I mean they could mean two ounces of seed filled sh**. The stuff I got right now is like $500 an ounce... stuff like that could I get away with an eighth if I just make less brownies? Like how much weed to how many brownies does it need to be? I dont get it and none of the sites specify
    3. In that same recipe, lets say an eighth per 2 brownies...would one brownie get me high? I wanna try this bad as hell but I'm not trying to spend more than like $25 per person doing it, if that even.
    4. Do you stay high much longer? How much longer? I take and ghost (hold in until the smoke is gone) about 2, 3 hits and I'm high for around an hour I think if I dont eat.

    Easiest way to aswer this i guess would be how much weed needs to be used in the recipe PER brownie and what quality weed? (Dirt, Mids, Hydro, Haze) How long would you stay high for per brownie?

    If possible im looking for a recipe on all of the above (Actually just mids hydro and haze) because I'm not sure what type I'll have next.

    thanks so much people
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    Hash would make much more poteint brownies, the THC to wieght mass of hash is far higher than buds. Just a little advice though sense I see your new to the City "Ghosting" does more harm than good man... Where do you live btw I've never heard of $500 a ounce... every time I've done brownies I used about a Ounce of mids worth of Cannabutter for a pan of brownies.
  3. Why does it do more harm than good? Any proof for me bro? I figure all the smoke absorbs into your lungs so you get higher faster and...cheaper :p. 500 an ounce is for haze/purple haze, I'm in Jersey. Really dont have many connects anymore so I take what I can get you know? The one kid charges 480 and this other kid, dif town dif school and everything charges 480, so its not like even the group of people you know? Its just what they charge, sucks.
  4. Damn I'm more glad than ever I posted here about these bud brownies now...I've been doing this for a pretty long time. Didn't really ever think of it hurting my lungs. I just googled it (which I could find some reliable information) and a bunch of people are saying like, the thc absorbs into your lugs after like 2 seconds (90% of the thc at least).

  5. Yeah I usually use 3-5 seconds... Yeah just think about how the inside of your pipe looks... No smoke coming out just means pretty much all the matter in the smoke (even the tars) have been absorbed...
  6. Well I wouldn't care if it was getting me high faster, its not like I smoke all that much/often, you know? I want to try to find a reliable source that states how logn before most if not all of the THC is absorbed into your lungs. Thanks for throwing that out there, I think last night was the last time I ghost a hit. I'm starving my brain for oxygen when I do that...haha like, how did I not realize that was a bad idea? Thanks again haha.
  7. The lack of oxygen matched with a placebo effect is what causes most people to think it gets you higher... I'll see if I can find a reliable source sense im setting here baked and the City is deadish at the moment.
  8. i made a batch of 9 brownies with about a 1/4 and a dime mixed together of some dirt
    i made cannaoil and added it to the brownie mix
    1 brownie i was feeling good
    2 brownies i was baked as hell
    3 brownies was so intense i passed out for 20 hours (after being high for 12) then woke up and was still baked for the next day
    so if you got stuff thats $500/O then id say a dime or a little more is all you need
  9. Thanks alot for that wikipedia shit, thats the end of my ghosting days haha.

    iif you used a quarter plus a dime and got bkaed off 2 brownies i'd think I need something like 2, 3 grams at least. Sucks, I need someone whos used all different weeds because I would cry if it didnt work (haha), a gram is no big deal really but I dont feel comfortable only puting a gram in. What sucks even more is that they take so long to kick in, so tis not like ok, one brownie didnt do me good lets eat another. 'Cuz If the first one didnt do crap I dont think the second one (taking 40 mins to kick in) is going to do anything
  10. Why dont you just make firecrackers. They use less weed than most brownie recipes on the internet and get you messed up. I made hashmouf's "gramcrackers" and put 2 grams into 4 of them. I ate two and was very high for a LONG time.
  11. Works for me man, what quality weed was put into them?

    "Why dont you just make firecrackers. They use less weed than most brownie recipes on the internet and get you messed up. I made hashmouf's "gramcrackers" and put 2 grams into 4 of them. I ate two and was very high for a LONG time."

    I can definitely spare a gram haha. What quality weed did you use? I think I feel safer using like, haze anyway though if I'm only going to use 2 grams. Happen to have a link to the recipe? Gonnna try to pull it up now.
  12. Peanut butter + weed + cracker. 300-325 deg. 15-25min.

    I've only made them with fire. I imagine they'd taste horrible with shwagg.
  13. Vicious you also agree? 2 grams into 4 crackers? Id use haze most likely.

    Girlfriends already whining about it "ohhh i wannnnaa doo bud brownniiess who makes bud graham crackers"

    any good recipes like the graham cracker one that doesnt require a lot of weed?

    thanks so much people. everyone.
  14. So do ya guys have any insight on how much bud per brownie (and also the quality of weed needed) ? Havent received an answer to that yet.

    heres one thing i found online...

    """"5. Do the math on the pan when you cut it. For instance if you put in 16 grams of bud into the pan and cut out 16 squares, that's ridiculous you'll pass out / black out after eating one. Shoot for .25 grams to .4 grams per brownie. Less if it's not shwag. One bag (3.5 grams) of kind buds will make a nice pan of brownies. """

    0.4 per brownie is nothing, but id like someone to back this up

    if im only making say, 4 brownies i feel like you should be using more than 1.6 grams of bud (even if its haze).

    then again i can get high as hell off of like 0.1, 0.2 of haze so..

    thanks again people [=
  15. If you make brownies make cannabutter first, the brownies won't hold the THC.
  16. I've made brownies using about 1/2 oz of dried old schwag shake into about a cup of oil.
    put it in a frying pan, on the lowest setting my gas stovetop allows. let it sit 45 min on the low heat stirring occasionally.
    used the oil for one batch of brownies... i ate one before work one day, i was stoned like i smoked 2 blunts (barely functioning) for about 6 hours. I think if you use buds try an eighth for the brownies and experiment from there.
  17. yeah thanks justburn im trying to see someones whos did it before though u know? with middies, dro and haze hopefully even

    not much experimenting i want to do here weeds to expensive. i wanna do it right the first time.

    the hashmouf firecrackers seem good

    idk i think i want to do bud brownies though or maybe cookies

    just still trying to figure out how much and what quality weed per cookie needs to be done.

    thanks again everyone
  18. I'd atleast do an 8th with trim finely grounded and cook it in butter or oil.
  19. again though what if im only trying to make like 4 brownies for 2 people? thats why i keep asking like "how much weed PER brownie"

    and yo vicious, do u agree on the firecracker thing? i think i liked on page 1. it says like 2 grams per 4 crackers...what do u think?
    have you done it before? how much did u use and what kinda weed?

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