Question about harvisting and boiling roots?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Handydandy, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Sorry, hope I am posting this right.
    Been Growing off and on for 30 YEARS!
    May be a lost art but I (Always) boil my roots for at least 1 minute on high boil. Had an old master grower teach me this. When you boil roots on a large plant with a good size stem, you can watch the stem turn purple as the roots turn white. I also hang the plant with all the leaves on. After a few days when the fan leaves start to dry, I cut them off an let it continue to dry the rest of the way on the stem! The leaves whither and the stem shrinks, thinking the THC my be pulled into the plant? I know they say the Fan leaves have little THC.
    Just a superstition? I have grown even better smoke than you get from the clubs and never used nutrients. I am getting into Nutes now and love them.
    You guys ROCK and have learned tons from all of you. Many Thanks. : - }.
    PS. Where my mentor, 5150. Hope all is well. HandyDandy
  2. I'm begining to wonder if it is worth it.
    Just boiled 4, and what a pain.
    The finished product was Killer though.
    Next batch I will try one without boiling to see any difference. Kinda surprise no one heard of this. Keep Smiling. : - }
  3. Boiling Roots results!
    Seems like the boiled roots plant had a stronger smell and took a lot longer to cure. Worth it? I think so. These were only about 3 foot tall but completely coverd in Buds, but very Dank. Winter shed crop.
    Boiling Roots would be a major pain with larger plants. I would never try with anything bigger. S M O K E. : - }.

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