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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by don_stony, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. High!

    Read somewhere about a special way of harvesting, and I was just wondering if it's true, so I ask you guys!

    At harvesting, you should cut the stem right above the lowest branches, leaving them to continue growing. The plant would then grow up much faster due to the fact that you wont have to go through germination again.

    I was just wondering: If you cut the plant like that, will it continue growing?

    I need to know because harvesting is closing in, my pretty little buds are soon ready to get smoked. Can't wait....
  2. Yea man,
    U can do that. It's quite possible to get two or three harvests from the same plants.
    Change the feed back to grow formula, and the lights back to 18 hours. It'll take about a fortnite before new growth starts, prob. a month after that you can go back into bloom cycle.
    You can save a few weeks this way compared with starting again from clones/seeds....
    But I always prefer to take the whole plant, totally clean & clear the bloom room, then start again with new stock - there's so many new strains coming on line these days that it's near impossible to try all the varieties you want to, but fun trying!
    If you have no other "babies" ready to go in, fine, double crop what you've got, but get some seeds or cuttings for when the second crop comes in. If U germinate/clone a couple of weeks after blooming starts, they should be about right by the time the room is ready for them. :cool:

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