Question about harvesting "fumes"

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  1. My husband harvested his first plants and the house reeks of the fumes from drying them. Can these fumes show up in our bloodstream or in a urine test? I have never smoked it or been around someone smoking it, but I am currently looking for work and I am worried that I could possibly fail a drug test. All I can find on the interenet about it is based on second hand smoke but nothing on just he fumes from the plants during harvest and drying. Thanks in advance for any answers. If possible are there any links to the information on this also.
  2. The answer is No. It is impossible

    I have been harvesting my plants for the past two weeks so believe me when i say that I have been exposed to these "fumes".

    I received a urine test today for employment and passed having trimmed all last night.

    Your good to go!
  3. i'd watch out. a friend of mine got caught like this, not only that but they found his grow at his house and now hes in prison. be very careful. the fumes will be in your system for 6-8 months. i would not apply for a job for at least that long.
  4. Don't give out misinformation to a sincere question. That's lame.
  5. 100% false
  6. i went to chico. are you an alum?
  7. This is a joke, right?
  8. your'e a fool, even if she smoked it on a regular, it wouldnt be in her system that long!
  9. yeah ok, someone can smoke mj and it will be out of their system in 20-30 days (depending on body fat), but you're telling her the fumes can stay in her system for 6-8 months, when she's NEVER smoked? Keep your bad info to yourself I would say...
    OP - I think you're good to go, don't listen to misinformed comments like that...

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