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  1. ok so i grew a few plants in my day, most i ever harvested in one plant was an ounce and a half all organic. i know how to do everything and i soon plan on handing down on my recipes to the perfect plant to my brother. but the one thing i never got down packed was pest. i just don't know how to keep pest away without harming the plant. i usually go 10-12 weeks indoors, depending on how fast the plant is growing, then the rest outdoors. can you guys share some of your secrets about keeping pest away that is also plant friendly, much will be appreciated.
    thank you, happy tokes and kick a cloud :)

  2. I use Neem Cake.  Just a half cup in the soil and no pest problems.  You can also use Neem Oil as a spray.

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    What kind of pest, is there a certain kind of pest you have a problem with or just all in general pest?


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