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  1. Hello, I just planted my first 2 marijuana seeds, I just have 1 question and 1 question only. I have a 250 WATT over my seeds, they haven't poped because I just planted them not even 24 hours ago but the thing I am wondering is that for the 12/12 hour period of light and dark, the soil gets really dry after like 14 hours. I went to look at them and they were DRY! The soil had no moisture, this is what I don't get, if the soil get's so dry how am I going to keep it alive? I know your not suppose to water them a lot so what should I do?
  2. If you just planted them, how do you know that the soil gets really dry during the 12/12?

    How big of a container are you using?

    For watering, I generally pour about the volume of the pot's worth of water, get the runoff out of there, and don't water again until the soil is almost bone dry.

    Heft the pot with your hand when it is dry, then again when it has just been watered, it will give you a feel for how dry your soil is.

    I like to pop my seeds first in a moist paper towel.
  3. 1. Because I said I planted them not even 24 hours ago so like 22 or some what hours ago and I went to check the soil and it was really dry.

    2. The containers length is the length of a xbox 360 game case, and 85% tall as a xbox 360 game case (Sorry, Only measurements I can think of right now lol).

    Thanks, I will try that lifting method, but what are you talking about get rid of the runoff? The runoff is a whole in the bottom of the plastic container, should I block it, is that what your saying? Also I read a tutorial that said I don't have to Germinate them and it's better not to (in his opinion) so I'd rather just plant them straight in the dirt.
  4. Yea just make sure the runoff isn't sitting in the tray beneath the planter, if there is one.

    And it's also fine to not germinate, just personal preference.

    Just to make sure, you aren't running 12/12 now are you?

  5. You want to keep the soil moist till they pop up. Think about it,if the seed is 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and the soil dries out 1 inch down it will be hard for it to get enough water to start growing. After it comes up then you want to let it dry a bit between waterings.There is no set formula for watering. As they grow they need more water more often. Many factors are involved in how much it needs.:smoking:
  6. How deep into the soil did you check for moisture? It seems a little unusual for soil to dry out completely in such a short period of time. If it's just the surface of the soil drying then that is to be expected. Once things get up and rolling just make a point of lifting your container a little when it's dry so you can learn when watering is needed.

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