question about growing a store bought clone

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  1. 1st off i have searched thru all 20 pages on clones. my attempt so far at growing from a seed hasnt gone too well, so i need to know if theres any difference in growing a clone(i can/would buy it from my local med. club)???? this is what my set-up is ( and id plan on using this for the clone)

    -2f(w)x5f(t)x5f(d) grow closet
    - 1 desk fan
    -4 (equal to) 100w cfls
    -1 (equal to) 75w cfl
    -organic soil (no ferts)

    1) with that set-up..would that be enough to grow 2 plants? (should i only do 1 or can it grow more?)

    2) i assume i would still keep the same light schedule(sp) as a seed plant?

    3)can i just buy the clone, take it home and put it in a pot(3 gal.) and soil???

    4)is there anything i should know about growing from a clone??

    and again i did search (search field= clones) and all that kept coming up was how to produce/make a clone

    thanks for any helpful info. , i really want to start growing my own

    ****hey i just realized my sig appears (it didnt early-er)
  2. Yeha, i need to know the same EXACT thing, cus my setup is the same except its got 2 Gro n' SHo lights that are like 60 watts but equivilant to like 125 or sum shit, red light sprectrum i believe, then one 100 75 watt gro'n sho light ths blue light spectrum. Sum shit like that, maybe i got them mixxxed up, but my set up is same except for the lighting
  3. oh also my light spectrum is: warm
  4. Comeon Someone Help Us Ioutt!!
  5. anyone care to shed some light on the subject?
  6. 'am i the 1st person to ever try to grow a clone??
  7. grow it like you would any other plant that you grew from seed. what you have should be OK - not optimum, but adequate

    veg it as long as you like then flower it. you're all good to go.
  8. ^ Yes.

    As a side note, you need to stop calling those CFLs 100W because they're not and it's confusing to anyone else who uses them because the actual wattage is the important number, not the marketting gimmic of "it has as many lumens as a 100W incandescent so it's 'equivilent'". You actually have about 100W of CFL, and that's not really enough for even one plant (from experience), let alone the 30 you planted (according to your sig). It's hard to give an adult plant all the light it needs with just a few CLF bulbs. Even though you have only 6 remaining, it would be very tough to flower them with those lights.
  9. Get some FLOUREX lamps. They're the shit!
  10. so when i buy the clone (do you think my set up would be enough for 2?) can i transplant them and how much light ? (i assume 18/6)
  11. sorry about the watts, i forgor how many they really are (thats why i put equal to xx) and the bulbs dont say the real watts on them. and as for the 30 plants: i didnt mean to do girl threw all my seeds into cups, i ended up w/10 plants. thats why im thinking of scraping my current grow(they havent changed in a week) and do it right and start w/ some semi- grown plants
  12. allright im make this short and simple the 400 watts you think you have is really like 20 watts so just throw them away heres what ya need to do go to home depot and get 2 150 watt reflectors(6.97) but dont purchase any bulbs now go to this site www.1000bulbs.comcategory.php?category=2086 and purchase the 85 watt compact flourescent bulbs(20 bucks a pop) now you have a combined with wattage of 170 which is more then enough for 6 vegging plants now you can either double your amount of flourescents for flowering or purchase a 400 watt HPS for flowering but remember with every HPS you need a vortex fan so keep that in mind
  13. wtf is your cat mad mischievous and destroys things or some shit
  14. yeah he is, when i 1st got him(for my girl) he was 4 months old....when i would smoke bud....when i would pass it the cat would follow it around the group. after he got in the grow room....there is still 1 plant i guess he ate because it's gone:mad:

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