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Question about grinding

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ImmortalGropher, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. I know this is a ridiculous question but...when grinding, the finer the better right? You get more out of finely ground stash don't you?

    Just curious as I tend to have somewhat chunky stuff since i'm using scissors and a candle holder at the moment until my pipe and grinder get here.
  2. You don't want it to be straight powder, otherwise it will suck right through the hole and you will have wet, powdery weed that is unsalvagable. Heart-breaking. Just grind it until its a nice fluffy kind of shake
  3. Gotcha. basically grind it just enough so that there are not huge chunks.
  4. depending what your smoking out of, you just don't want it small enough to slip through the hole in a bowl, or get sucked out of a joint/blunt or whatever.
  5. Not ridiculous. Well ground weed burns more readily. A dense nug will burn forever once you get it going.

    Too fine is frustrating for js though.
  6. Well I only smoke out of my hookah and pipes, I will mainly be using my pipe when it gets in. Also, should I grind everything? stem and all or just the leaf?
  7. if your going to learn one thing from this forum listen to this advice take al lthe stem out that you can even a little will burn like wood and give u a bad high and a bad come down. Try to break it down to small pieces and if its good nug it should pull off the stem pretty easy then put in the grinder and then try to filter out all seeds and stems the bowl will burn smoother and wont pop and u wont feel shitty after the high
  8. This is spot on, I just want to add a method that I use when I smoked mexi brick or swagg. If you find your self with to many seed to pick out after its grinded or to get small particles out. Sift the weed through a strainer used for food. This will not let seeds or seed particles through. Yes I have smoked some very seedy weed in my life :hello:

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