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Question about green dragon

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kennet Klotkuk, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi. Just wondering what the weed:alcohol ratio is for green dragon.
    I've bought some 80% (160 proof) and I am thinking of trying out GD once.
    Hence I'm gonna put 0.5g, maybe less, in my drink but I wonder how much alcohol I'd have to use for this. Some people told me I'd use about 0,2litres but isn't that way too much considering I don't wanna get drunk. I mean, that's about 5 shots 80% which equals 10 shots 40% which is like 10 beers, which I don't wanna drink in such a short time.
    So, any clue about the alcohol amount?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Green dragon isn't just made and consumed. It requires at least a few days (and with 160 proof alcohol, more than that) to "steep" and then you drink it as you feel is neccessary.
  3. That had nothing with my question to do idiot

  4. hahahahahaha

    that had nothing with my question to do .......????

    hahaha :hello:
  5. dont come to our forums and ask a dumb question which u dont even know the basis to then call somebody an idiot who clearly knows more about it than you do..... idiot.
  6. The fun never ends.
    It's kind of hard to give you an answer when the basis for your question is flawed.
  7. THC does not dissolve in alcohol instantly.

    maybe look up lemon extract green dragon seems like something you might be looking twards.

    btw 80% probably isnt enough.
  8. i disagree 80% is plenty. i have made it successfully with 50%.

    however threadstarter you are going about it wrong and -rep for the idiot thing. do yourself a favor and use the search bar because you have no idea what your doing but there are some excellent guides on the city about green dragon.
  9. Did you look at how you typed this? I think perhaps your the idiot ;)
    and yeah, what he said :rolleyes:
  10. i agree, -rep for acting like a asshole.
  11. real life just be nice to people, if you think they are not being smart enough, just chill out and if need be, smoke some more :) welcome to GC!
  12. Anyone ever tried this with Spice Gold??? i dont know if the active stuff in it is water soluable but most organics are alcohol or fat soluable to it should work.

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