Question about GrassCity ordering...

Discussion in 'General' started by Sab3r, May 31, 2006.

  1. Yea, so I finally turned 18...whoop! And I was wondering if anyone from the United States had ordered any pipes off here and gotten them succesfully?

    :smoking: <---Me when I get my new bong & bowl hopefully :)
  2. Haha welcome to the city and happy birthday!
  3. Thanx Rasta...:wave:
  4. yes, i've ordered from the city many times and never had any problems :)
  5. I've ordered a bubbler off here and it got here just fine.
  6. yea ive ordered a little pipe off here and got here ok.
  7. Funny you'd be smoking a joint when you have a new bong & bowl!:p (look closely to the emoticon)

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the Forum.
    You should get your order just fine.:hello: :bongin:

  8. LoL, your right, but (im too high for the keyboard right nowlol) its insinuating (or however you spell it) me getting high....all in good terms.

    Thanks everyone for the posts back and for the HAPPY happy birthdays. :yay:

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