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  1. Well in High school I took American Government and one of the things that stuck out to me most in class was the fact that the government cannot govern without the consent of the individual So what if I don't consent?
    Your consent is automatically given. But what happens when you say no?

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL! Seems to me he wanted to force us to buy insurance from his buddies that own the insurance companies.

  3. But you do realize that you are required to buy insurance from them and that they will be making a TON OF MONEY off of this. Obamacare is the best thing thats happened to insurance companies ever.

  4. Men with guns and badges will lock you in a cage.

  5. THIS. And I'm sorry OP for participating in the derailing of the thread. The Social Contract was a good idea in theory you agree to be governed by a limited government that is constrained by the Constitution. But the Feds broke the contract a long time ago and many times over. Now they are doing their damndest to make us think the Constitution is like the Bible and open to interpretation LOL! Imagine if your landlord or cell phone company tried to pull that shit.

  6. Are you serious dude Obamacare didn't change that at all. You still have to get insurance from for profit insurance companies. Obamacare is NOT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE like they have in Canada and Europe. It requires you to buy insurance from a private for profit insurance company. If you do not the IRS goes after your ass. What do you think Obamacare is?

  7. Obamacare is not in effect yet. When it is in effect, in 2014 I believe. You WILL be required to buy insurance from insurance companies. I think your starting to understand.

  8. I have to have car insurance other wise I cannot legally drive. This is forcing someone to buy insurance.
    and honestly i'd rather be apart of a government that doesn't support the lazy fat piece of fuck who won't get a job and eats fast food all day wondering why they are such an obese fuck. Why would we pay someone to do this?
    Why am I paying for someone to do this?
    This is what pisses me off. I don't rely on ANY government aid at all. I can take care of myself. While others live by mooching off of the government. They just bring us down. I know it's cruel to say but the world is better off without these people. They should just be dead. But if you look at all this from a mushies prospective, nothing anyone ever did, will do or does matters.:D
    I just wished I lived in a better world. Different planet perhaps? I'll just keep vaping :smoke:

  9. Yes thats Obamacare and thats why I don't support it.
  10. its sad if thats the best congress can do

  11. What do you expect from government? Government will always support the interests of the powerful, throw in the idiocy of democracy and you have the US in its present state.
  12. Its all about anarcho-capitalism. I would say just plain anarchy but it appears that anarchists do not actually support anarchy.

  13. In a socialist state, the internet would have never been created, food would be scarce and most would starve, housing would be very small apartments or many people living in the same house, cell phones would have never existed, etc.

    We the people.. would live terrible lives (those of us who didn't die from starvation or lack of health care).

  14. Instead of wishing for people to be dead why don't we just get rid of government aid forcing them to learn what it means to work and earn a living.
  15. When has the government been more efficient then we the people? The creativity and ingenuity of the American people is far superior than anything the government can come up with.


    I would support socialist communes being created but I do not support a socialist government forcing us all at gun point to be socialist. So as long as Socialism is VOLUNTARY then its all good.

  16. Your acting like capitalism hasn't advanced our species farther and faster than socialism could ever hope.

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  18. Capitalism is the only engine of growth known to man. It has lifted millions out of poverty. It has raised the standard of living for the entire world in amazing and unthought of ways. It doesn't oppress anyone, it helps everyone immeasurably. How people buy into that Marxist garbage I will never understand.
  19. The only things that aren't currently happening is the existence of the internet and cell phones. LOL.

  20. Learn about economics sometime from someone other than Karl Marx then get back to me. Your view of economics is just a blind religious view. It has no actual validity.

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