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question about glass i bought

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by habitualtoker, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. nah thats not a bubbler.
  2. Your friend was mistaken, it looks like it could be a bubbler, but with no downstem to reach into the base of the glass no water can be used with it.
  3. hey if it were a spoon it wouldnt have such a large chamber area, i think it could be a bubbler......

    ...... but like hitman said if it has a downstem in the middle it could be used with water, if no downstem no water.

    is there a downstem?
  4. Like the others said it's just a nice glass spoon, not a bubbler. Your friend is mistaken.
  5. though it does look like it has some sort of chamber though? and you cant tell if it has a downstem or not from the picture.. so if he says there is one or isnt then we wont know..
  6. Just looks like a large bowl body to me, not any extra chamber.
  7. mm... dunno, i guess it could be a larger chamber for larger hits? never really seen a piece with a chamber like that that has no water in it... but i could be mistoken... mistaken...
  8. I've seen plenty like that. It doesn't make the hits any larger but it probably cools the smoke slightly because of the volume it has to fill.

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